How to make a burlap box

This little project is perfect for a busy life. It didn’t take time and costs about nothing.

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Here are the steps for making this beautiful and cheap box

Step 1
Get a cardboard box of you choice.

original cardboard box

Step 2
Cut the top part of the box.

Cardboard box

Step 3
If there is dark writings on the box, you’ll have to paint over it or it’s gonna show through the burlap.

Use the paint you have on hands. It doesn’t have to be perfect. I used a mix of these colors and it did just fine.

Step 4
With a hot glue gun, glue the strip of burlap on the bottom of the box first

glue burlap to bottom of box

Step 5
Turn the box over to make sure the burlap is flat and apply glue to the inside of the box as illustrated by the yellow line in the picture below.

glue burlap to box

Tip : the glue is (of course!) really hot and passes through the burlap. I suggest you use a tool, like a metal ruler to press on the burlap so you don’t burn yourself.

use ruler not to get burn

Don’t worry about your ruler, the glue will come off real easy!

Please keep this secret : the inside of the box is still cardboard! The box will be placed high enough than nobody will see inside. So why would I do extra work?  😉 These are “projects for a busy life” 🙂

Step 6
Cut and glue the end on the corner.

Step 7
Finally, I decided to decorate the box using crochet flowers I just made with Sewrella‘s (Ashleigh) tutorial.

Crochet Flowers

They are really easy to do and she even has a video tutorial to show you how. The blue one is 40+1 stitches and the cream one is 30+1 stitches. For the burlap flower, I just wanted a little bulb so I did 10+1 stitches and only the first row.

Final Step
Sew the flowers on the box by passing through the burlap.

sew the flowers to the burlap box

And there’s your easy DIY Burlap Box!

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Don’t hesitate to show me your result if you do that kind of pretty box!

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