(English) How to make a rope mirror / The easy way

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26 thoughts on “(English) How to make a rope mirror / The easy way

  1. Thank you, because I love mirrors on a rope, but could not afford one. Thanks to your wonderful tutorial, I think I can make one. I have a question. How do you create the frame around the mirror In order to attach the rope? My mirror is plane, with no frame.

    1. I bought the mirror like that at a local hardware store 🙁 It was really cheap. I had thought of making one, found some tutorials on Pinterest but it was waaaay too complicated for me or not exactly what I wanted. So when I saw this mirror, I bought it immediately! Sorry I can’t help you more, but thanks for the comment.

  2. This turned out really really well. I have a mirror very close to this one and I replaced the rope with leather because like you I disliked the knotted ends. This looks so much better.

  3. Super pretty! Love anything nautical and I have an overabundance of rope sitting in the garage. Visiting from Creativity Unleashed party.

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