Earn more money with the blog traffic you already have!

One of the most common concerns I hear from other bloggers is that they are earning very little money from their blogs. They usually blame it on the fact that their page views aren’t as high as they want them to be. I have to admit, I felt that way in my early days of blogging too. But I have come to learn that there are great ways to monetize the blog traffic you already have, instead of just churning out content and waiting for your page views to grow.

Free webinar Affiliate Marketing

My friend Tasha, who blogs at Designer Trapped in a Lawyer’s Body, was determined to find a way to maximize her blog’s income when she first monetized her blog back in the Spring of 2014. She realized that her ad revenue was limited by her page views and that sponsored posts were limited by a number of factors and took up A LOT of time.

She knew there had to be a better way, so she researched and experimented. Long story short, she cracked the code to affiliate marketing and found that it was the best way to maximize income from the blog traffic she already had. She earned over $300 on Amazon the very first month she started using affiliate links on her blog. Wow!

Now Tasha regularly earns at least $3,500 a month through affiliate marketing, just by adding affiliate links to products that she organically shares on her blog and social media. And she earns way more than that by promoting special affiliate programs via email. Last year she earned more than $61,000.00 just through affiliate sales and so far this year, she has already earned more than $53,000.00 through affiliate sales.

Tasha’s affiliate revenue is one reason she was able to “retire” from the practice of law last year to blog full-time! It’s a total dream come true for Tasha and she wants to help other bloggers reach their goals and dreams as well.

So, on September 19th at 12:00 pm EST, Tasha is offering a FREE webinar to help you jumpstart your affiliate marketing efforts in a webinar called: Affiliate Marketing Strategies for Bloggers. (You do NOT have to be there live to take advantage of the webinar—as long as you register, you will receive a replay link to watch at your convenience)!