DIY craft table : you’ll never guess what I used as the table top!

I’ve been wanting a craft table for sooooo long! The biggest desk I had was around 30″ x 40″. And most of the time, I couln’t find it cause there was too many thing piled up on it!!!

This one is 36″ x 80″!

IKEA hack : Easy, Quick and affordable DIY craft table

Can you guess what I used?

It’s a primed masonite door! Heck yeah!

The IKEA furniture is a white TOMNÄS shelf unit. It’s more refined than the popular Kallax and it’s the perfect hight for a standing desk (which I wanted).

IKEA hack : Easy, Quick and affordable DIY craft table

Easy steps :

  • Install the door on top of the shelf unit
  • Fix the door to the wall with L brackets
  • Position the shelt unit and fix it to the door with smaller L brackets
  • Paint the door after it is installed

And do you think I painted under?
Are you insane? No time for that!! That’s why my blog is called #projectsforabusylife !!

Since it’s a door, the edges might need a little sanding.

So, in one afternoon, everything was done! Just my kinda project!

A bit of reality

I’ll be honnest with you, my craftroom doesn’t look like a picture from a magasine and I don’t think it ever will. I have a simple explanation for that : I use my craftroom!

So, as you might have notice, all the picture are framed very tight. Well, that’s because of the next project on the list :

The mess of my craft room. Plenty of work to be done!

yep… plenty of work to be done!!

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IKEA hack : Easy, Quick and affordable DIY craft table



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