Craft room makeover | One Room Challenge | Week 3

Here we are half way already! This week was all about purging... and splurging! 😋

So there was no DIY this week, but an online order to IKEA! Decided that I deserved a new desk instead of this old folding table.

I thought of painting it first, but the truth is that this table is not convenient at all. It's impossible to get the chair to slide under the table because of the depth of the border. Plus, the legs have a 45 degrees angle that limits what you can slide under.

So enough excuses, here's my new table with mooooore drawers!  😊


Here is exactly what I bought :
  • LINNMON table top 59 x 29-1/2 " black-blue (oh yes!!!)
  • 2 GODVIN legs
  • ALEX drawer unit 14 1/8 x 27 1/2 "

I just love the dark blue 😀

I also bought the new RANARP ceiling track. It's not installed yet cause, for once, it was not raining (or snowing!!) and we had to take down the winter garage while Mother nature gave us the chance!!!

It's purpose is to replace this light bulb that is definitely not enough at all for this room !

And finally, got the RANARP wall spotlight

My intention is to put it right there to get a nice lighted surface :

But IKEA did a mistake when sending my order and I got bright green pillow covers instead!!! I finally sorted everything out with customer service and will probably get my lamp by next thursday.

That's all for week 3. Have a lot planned for next week! Don't forget to come back

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  1. What a fun order! That desk is great and looks like it will function so much better!

    1. Thanks Carrie! Yes, I love it already!!


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