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Nelidesign's VIP already have access to a free resource library that is continuously being updated with new templates, printable, etc.

But what is a VIP plussss

It means you get even more, just for you, and for a whole year!!
During the month of April 2017, sign up for the newsletter and get access to new resources for free. As my VIP+, every template, printable or anything digital* I might sell till March 31st 2018 will be sent to you for free. 
*does not include e-courses or anything in video format.

You’re saying : but I've already signed up!! 

Don’t worry dear friend, you’re already my VIP and will also receive everything for free 😌
And you know me, I'm a busy person and I know that you are too! So, as always, I promise not to overload you mail box.

I usually send around 2 emails per month. But YOU'll get the one with the free goodies in it!! 😝

What's comming up?

I'm already thinking about spices printables, gift bag templates, party invitations and a lot more!

So, are you in? I suggest you give it a try before April 30th. If you're not satisfied, you can unsubscribe anytime, no hard feelings!

Hope you'll join me for the next year's adventures in making projects for a busy life!

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