$100 Room Challenge - Week 2

DIY | $100 Room Challenge | bathroom makeover
So here we are already with the second week of the challenge. I made my first week post only 2 days ago. I'm on vacation for spring break, away from home, trying to make a plan for my bathroom!

I must say, it's harder than I thought! Well, it's called a Challenge, so let's do it!

Accent color

I'm thinking green... It might be because I have this color in my head since I read that Pantone color of the year is Greenery.  Or maybe I'm just craving for some greenery in my house since it's still snowy white outside. I'm thinking more of that kind of green :

When in need of color inspiration, turn to Design-seeds

Ladder and artwork
First, I would really like to make a ladder to hide the heater, as I said previously. I'm also thinking of putting on some artwork on the wall next to the ladder. I'm not sure of the color of the ladder yet, since there's so much wood already in the bathroom.
DIY | $100 Room Challenge | bathroom makeover | ladder

Yep, those shelves gotta go up! But I'm thinking of making some other ones to match the ladder... depends on the price and what I find at the hardware store.  I'll have to see about the lamp too. I had found something at a store at home, but can't find it on the internet. So it will have to wait a bit.
DIY | $100 Room Challenge | bathroom makeover | shelves

Little extras

I'm thinking of upgrading the trash can, for something similar to this :

DIY | $100 Room Challenge | bathroom makeover |garbage
Making Lemonade - Nautical Rope Trash can tutorial

Also, when I bought the mirror, it was with the intention of adding a rope, kind of what you can find at Target, but way cheaper

DIY | $100 Room Challenge | bathroom makeover | mirror

Can't wait to get busy! Let's see what the other participants are up to for week 2

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  1. Love Design Seeds. I have a few of their color palettes pinned because I love them so much. Looks like you have some great ideas for the bathroom. Enjoy the rest of your vacation.

    1. Thanks Erin. Hopefully I'll have time to get everything done!

  2. Oh you've got big plans! I can't wait to see how you update your bathroom.

  3. You have a great plan for the room! I can't wait to see your color scheme come alive!

    1. Thanks Nicki! You're mudroom is also already way better!


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