How to make wine glass markers from wine corks

wine corks charms markers beads glass

We've seen a lot of craft made with wine corks lately. But have you ever noticed that some wine corks have years written at the bottom? So, what I like to do, is take those corks and turn them into wine glass marker.

What you'll need :
  • Wine cork with year
  • Utility knife
  • Earring wire hoops (whatever size you like)
  • Small beads of your choice
  • Screw eye 5/8" (you can find them in any hardware store)

How to make it :
wine corks charms markers beads glass
All you need to do is take the utility knife and cut off the end (forget about putting the cork in boiling water, etc. I never had any trouble cutting with just a utility knife!!!) Next, screw in the screw eye.

I like to add colored beads so guests can either remember the year or the color they have on their glass. Well let's face it, remembering when you drink needs to be kept simple!! ;-)

wine corks charms markers beads glass

These can also be beautiful and easy gifts to make!

What do you do so your guess don't loose their wine glass?

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Wine marker glass wine cork wine charms

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  1. what a cute idea!!! i like these way better than the other ones i see made out of glass!!! xo

    1. Thank you Shannon, it is really nice of you!

  2. They look super cute and really unique!!Thank you so much for sharing at Sweet Inspiration!!

    1. Thank you Katrin. Love you blog and love the party rules and the idea to highlight the most cliked. If you ever need another co-host, please don't hesitate to think of me :-)


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