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How to decorate a dollar store box using craft papers

My 10 year old daughter did this beautiful box and took all these pictures because she wanted to "make a blog post like you mom". I was so touched by this! Here's her tutorial ;-) Keep in mind that her mother tongue is french. She's now doing half of her 5th grade in intensive English. I'm so proud of her!

dollar store box, crafts, paper box, decorate, stencils paint

Comment fabriquer une boîte en jute

Follow this link for the english version

Ce projet est parfait pour les personnes occupées. Il se réalise rapidement et coûte à peu près rien!

boîte en toile de jute | décoration maison | à faire soi-même

How to make a burlap box

Suivre ce lien pour la version française

This little project is perfect for a busy life. It didn't take time and costs about nothing.

Burlap box, home decor

Free Pokémon Valentine Cootie Catcher printable

(voir la version française plus bas)

My boy saw the Cootie Catcher I made with the cute pink animals (see previous post) and decided it was too girly for him. So I made a Pokemon version of it with the same funny jokes.

Pokémon Go is doing a Valentine's special and pink Pokémon will be encountered more frequently in the wild during the week. It made me think to use pink Pokémons for the Cootie Catcher ;-)

Cootie catcher, Pokemon go, printable, free, kids, jokes

Free Valentine Cootie Catcher Printable

(voir la version française plus bas!)

Here's an easy way to treat your kids on Valentine's day without adding any more sugar! Kids love to make paper Cootie catcher. This silly version has Valentine themed jokes inside that will make your elementary school student giggles.

Free | Valentines Day | Cootie Catcher | Printable | Jokes | kids | DIY | Funny

How to make wine glass markers from wine corks

wine corks charms markers beads glass

We've seen a lot of craft made with wine corks lately. But have you ever noticed that some wine corks have years written at the bottom? So, what I like to do, is take those corks and turn them into wine glass marker.

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