mardi 16 juillet 2013

Vintage looking tray

I had lots of fun doing this little project. We just came back from a great trip to Paris and a guess I'm still in the "romantic- vintagey" mood of the city. I wanted a tray to put my breakfast things in the refrigerator and just take the tray out in the morning and put it back in right after (time saver!). And, a white plate just didn't do the trick!

So here's what I did :

First, got a nice white plastic plate at the Dollar Store :-D

Took my scrapbooking leftovers, some pages from a book and some paper doilies and glued them on the plate with my favorite friend, Mod Podge!

I added a bit of paint to link it all together.

Added some brown ink with a tissue to make it look vintagey

After putting a final layer of Mod Podge, I printed this nice vintage image of french typography I got for free at The Graphic Fairy (isn't she awsome!) Here's the direct link to the image.

So, after cutting the reverse image, I applied a nice coat of Mod Podge where I wanted to place the image. Then, I pressed the image on the Mod Podge. You have to carefully take out all the air from under.

After that come the "patient" step.  You have to let it completely dry. To be sure, I let it dried overnight. I know, it's long, but I didn't want to regret it! Next morning, I jumped out of bed and started spraying water and rubbing (ok, ok, got my coffee before!) I started to rub gently with the sponge and then used my fingers. Oh! The image says "Patience" and that's what it took! If you want to be sure you got all the white paper, let it dry a bit. If you see some white, apply more water and rub gently again with your fingers.

A last layer of Mod Podge and voilà!

In the end, I found that the Mod Podge was too sticky and it's not recommended to put food on it, so I ended up spraying a coat of "Low Odour Clear Mat" from Krylon on it. That's what I had, not sure yet how it will last.

jeudi 20 juin 2013

Cadeaux de fin d'année pour professeur/éducatrice

Les enfants ont travaillé fort là-dessus! Fait avec beaucoup d'amour et du Mod Podge brillant!