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$100 Room Challenge - Week 4 update

Even thought I was gone on vacation almost haft of the month, I'm still really glad I joined this challenge this month!  But thankfully, there's a 5th week!!!

$100 Room Challenge | Garbage can upgrade | towel | Shelves

Easy Upgrade of a trash can!

Yep, you've read correctly! Here's how I made my bathroom's trash can look pretty!

Sisal Trash Can | Waste bin | Upgrade | Rustic | Easy cheap fast DIY | Poubelle | Salle de bain | Home Decor

Rustic Crochet Baskets Patterns

I'm trying to find cheap ways to decorate my bathroom for the $100 Room Challenge. Why not make some cute baskets that will bring color to the room.

DIY crochet | rustic basket | free pattern | burlap | home decor | $100 room challenge

DIY Deer Art - $100 Room Challenge - Week 3

Easy DIY Deer Art | Free template | home decor | wall art

Here we are already week 3 of this awesome challenge. I entered this challenge really at the last minute, so for me, it hasn't been really the third week! See my first week post here.

$100 Room Challenge - Week 2

DIY | $100 Room Challenge | bathroom makeover
So here we are already with the second week of the challenge. I made my first week post only 2 days ago. I'm on vacation for spring break, away from home, trying to make a plan for my bathroom!

I must say, it's harder than I thought! Well, it's called a Challenge, so let's do it!

$100 Room Challenge - Count me in!

I wanted to do this challenge so much!

Erin, from Lemons, Lavender and Laundry, started this series in September 2015 : 

One room, one month and $100

Then, in January of this year, she opened it to other bloggers.

This March, another challenge. Now, I procrastinaded. We're already the 7th, it's springbreak here and we're going on vacation. So no DIY for me until the 18th.

Hmmm. I just can't let it go! I decided to enter the challenge anyway with my upstairs bathroom. It's a small room and there's no extensive work to be done. My mind is always thinking about DIY anyway.  Vacation or not, my brain won't stop! Till the 18th, I can still plan what I'm gonna do, research ideas and share everything with with you guys. 

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